Welcome to PEER 2020-2021


    What is PEER?

    PEER stands for Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships. We are group of students who strive to ensure that Heritage High School is a positive community, and that every student feels included and welcome. 


    What does PEER do to achieve these goals?

    PEER offers help to any student struggling through a certain situation(s). This includes bullying, stress, family or relationship situations, school issues (e.g. grades, poor relationship with teachers), or if a student just needs someone to talk to. We are available to you in basically any struggle you may encounter. 


    Does PEER do anything outside of Heritage?

    Of course! The PEER members sometimes travel to elementary schools during 5th block. At the elementary schools, we help read and play with the students.  We try to give them positive experiences and serve as role models.


    Who are the sponsors of PEER? 

    Mrs. Rudd, Mrs. Saunders, and Mrs. Simpkins are the sponsors of PEER at Heritage High School.