Koala Kares
    This is Mrs. Savage's 13th year teaching at Freedom. Mrs. Savage will be teaching Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science and, AP Seminar. She looks forward to teaching students about the world they live in.
    Environmental Science supply List:
    • Chromebook - every day!
    • Positive attitude, open mind, lots of patience during distance learning!
    • Occasionally paper and pen but, you can also use your laptop to write
    • Earbuds - needed with laptop once school is in the building
    • OLD PAIR OF TENNIS SHOES for indoor labs and outdoor field work kept in locker, once school is in session 
     AP Environmental Supply List:
    • pens and pencils however, you can also take virtual notes
    • Chromebook and earbuds (needed when school is in person) 
    • Lab attire  - close-toed shoes, outdoor wear when needed (when school is in the building!)
    • Positive attitude and open mind, lots of distance learning patience!

    AP Seminar

    • Chromebook
    • Positive attitude and open mind
     ***All materials throughout the year, including the class syllabus can be found on our Schoology webpage.
    Schedule:  virtually, Tuesday - Friday
    • - Advisory
    • Block 1 - Planning
    • Block 2 - AP Environmental 
    • Block 3 - Environmental Science
    • Block 4 - Environmental Science
    • Block 5 - Planning
    • Block 6 - AP Seminar
    • Block 7 - Planning
    • Block 8 - AP Environmental Science
     Office Hours:  Every Monday and, basically, anytime before 9:00 p
    Email Mrs. Savage at debra.savage@lcps.org

Last Modified on August 26, 2020