• Builder's Club

    "Are you an engineer who has a passion for building things? Do you enjoy making hands-on projects and engineering different models?  

    Then join the Builder's Club!

    Starting after-school on December 10th, in room 712, we will be conducting fun, hands-on projects throughout the year. Hosted by 7th grader Ankit Khandelwal, Mr. Payton, and Ms. Bowen, we will be making many projects, including: 

    -A 3-D mobile 

    -A cool supply holder

    -A mini-Minecraft man

    -The floor plan for your dream house through an online simulator

    -And a lot more! 

    Club meetings will be held every other Thursday. Please see your house secretary, or the link below, for an after-school permission form, and bring it, signed, to our first meeting on December 10th! 

    We look forward to seeing everyone on December 10th in room 712!

    Here is the link where you can print off the after-school permission form.  Make sure you bring the form to the first meeting on Dec. 10.