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    bulldog   Judith De Angelo
      Family Life Education (FLE)

    Mrs. De Angelo is from Binghamton, New York.  She received her BS degree in Family and Consumer Science and her MS in Education from SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta New York.  She has taught in three states including New York, Florida and Virginia. Throughout her 36 years in Education she has taught middle school and high school FACS, high school health, and has been a high school family life education (FLE) specialist for the past 8 years. Teaching is her passion.
                    Mrs. De Angelo is also the club sponsor of GEMS - Girls Evolving, Mentoring and Serving - a club which encourages girls to become confident young women.

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     Current Grades - This is a non-graded unit.  Current Homework Assignments
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    Course Materials and Handouts
    Your First OB-Gyn Visit pamphlet, for girls
    How to do TSE pamphlet, for boys
    Upcoming Assessments
    Course Topics
    9th Grade FLE: sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and protection, reproductive health, sexual assault, respect and healthy relationships  (4 days of instruction)
    !0th Grade : prenatal health and childbirth,  unhealthy and abusive relationships, healthy relationships (4 days of instruction)
    Course Nine Week Plan
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     GEMS Sponsor  
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    43100 Hay Road, Ashburn VA 20147 
    571-252-2200    EXT.