• Guilford Elementary School

    “Home of the Gators”

    Established 1966



    21st Century Learner

    (Adopted August 2015)


    Our mission is to foster a positive and challenging learning environment where all students will have opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential.  We will seek to develop students who will make meaningful contributions to the world and become independent, lifelong learners. (Adopted October 2015)


    Shared Core Beliefs

    (Adopted December 2015)

    1.    We believe providing students with positive, challenging, and authentic learning opportunities enable them to make lifelong contributions to the community.  


    2.     We believe a culture of continuous improvement drives the fulfillment of our mission.


    3.     We believe strong partnerships with families and our community contributes to our excellence.


    4.    We believe an inclusive, safe, caring, and healthy learning environment for all students lays the foundation for student growth.


    Strategic Goals

    (Adopted December 2015)

    1.  Based on quarterly assessments, teachers will determine, implement, and monitor interventions
    2.  Students in each grade level will have a minimum of two One To the World (OTTW) learning experiences each year.

    • There will be an end product that will showcase the learning and the real world application.
    • Students will have voice and choice to help determine their end product.
    • Teachers will serve as guides through the process, but initiatives will be student led.  
    • Teachers will reflect, as a grade level, on the process and product, what worked well, and what might be changed in a future One To the World (OTTW) learning experience.
    • Students will participate in a post-project survey to show what skills they have learned and how they can apply those skills in the real world.