• Breakfast Grade Snack List

     Students will be allowed to bring a small snack to eat during block 1/2 each day.  If a student does not have a snack, there will be a "Grab-N-Go" breakfast available for students for a fee.  When students finish eating all trash and food items must be placed in a proper receptacle.  Only water in a clear, plastic bottle is acceptable to drink. 
    The following items are acceptable as a snack, there will be no exceptions made.  Students who bring items that do not appear on this list will be asked to take them to their locker and may enjoy them during lunch.   
    1.  dried fruit (raisins, fruit leather, apricots,  etc.) – no trail mix

    2.   plain popcorn – no caramel corn

    3.   regular pretzels

    4.   plain potato chips

    5.   individually packaged cheese

    6. crackers (plain, graham, gold fish)

    7.   carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower

    8.   marshmallow rice treats

    9.   beef jerky

    10.  banana

    11.   apple slices