Retest Policy

  • Fundamental beliefs about the policy

    We aren’t testing a child’s study habits and whether or not they “play school well”, we are testing their content knowledge and critical thinking. If the child hasn’t done the practice, they aren’t ready to play. We are holding them accountable for being ready to play before we put them in the game. Most students do better on assessments when they put forth the effort first, eliminating the need for retakes altogether. Additionally, we are helping students work towards content mastery, not achieve the highest report card grade possible.

  • Can a student who has all of their assignments in choose not to test on the assigned day?

  • Do projects and presentations fall under this policy?

  • Do students who are unprepared for assessments on test day qualify for retesting?

  • Do unprepared students have to wait an entire week to test?

  • Does this policy apply to quizzes?

  • How many retesting attempts does a student get?

  • If a student gets an extension for not being prepared for an assessment, does the 81% cap apply?

  • What will students do while the others are taking the test?

  • When is OT (Ownership Time) assigned and what is it used for?

  • re-teaching and retesting

Last Modified on November 15, 2019