• Clubs and Activities

    Activity Coordinator: Mrs.Kelly

    Academic Team – The Academic Team is a VHSL competition activity wherein teams compete to answer questions correctly. Sponsor: Mrs. Wissler; Mrs. Magurn

    Acapella Singing Club - provides interested students with an opportunity to explore this form of singing for pleasure. Sponsor: Mrs. Walter

    Anime/Manga Club – this club attracts students interested in studying the art and the literary aspects of anime and manga. Sponsor: Mr. Varmecky

    ASL – This club is for students (deaf or hearing) who come together to explore the deaf culture and practice the language. Sponsor: Mrs. Hitchens-Seymour

    National Art Honor Society – Students gather to foster appreciation and knowledge of art in all its forms. Sponsor: Ms. Kincaid

    Band –
    Students enrolled in band will perform in concerts and participate in the marching band, as well as compete in state and national competitions. Sponsor: Mr. Reaves

    Battle of the Books – a competition among all high schools in the county; students read a proscribed list of books and answer questions about them. Sponsor: Mrs. Hagerty; Mrs. Ring; Ms. Morris-YoungBluegrass Music – this group meets to engage in conversation and listening activities about bluegrass. Sponsor: Mr. Wallace

    CAMPUS – Students selected for this program will work together to improve minority achievement academically. Sponsor: Mr. Jones; Ms. Vegliante

    Chess Club - Students gather regularly to compete against one another in chess. Sponsor: Mr. Snyder


    Chorus – Students gather to practice and perfect their performance skills. Sponsor: Mr. Baber


    Dance – This is a performance group; tryouts are required. Participants perform at various athletic events throughout the year and compete regionally as well. Sponsor: Ms. Francis

    Debate – Actually a competitive team, this group practices for competitions around state in different styles of debate. Sponsor: Mrs. Hildbold

    DECA - This is the association for marketing students. These students are responsible for the school book store and they compete regionally and nationally in marketing competitions. Sponsor: Mr. Varmecky

    Drama – This organization facilitates the drama productions produced throughout the school year. Members gain knowledge and skill in lighting, set construction, direction and staging. Students do not need to be in drama to participate. Sponsor: Mr. Skaggs

    Environmental Club – works to encourage environmental awareness in and around the Loudoun Valley community, providing students with opportunities for service. Sponsors: Mr. McGranaghan, Ms. Keffer

    FBLA – This is a co-curricular club for students preparing for careers in business and who are enrolled in business classes. Students learn leadership and communication skills, and sharpen business and computer skills. Sponsors: Ms. DiPippa

    FEA – The objective of this club is to explore the field of education in a variety of ways. Sponsors: Ms. Szkotnicki


    Film Club – this club gathers students who are interested in making their own films and learning about filming techniques. Sponsor: Mr. Herbert


    Forensics - The Forensics Team is a VHSL competition activity in the area of public speaking. Sponsor: Mrs. Hildbold

    French Club - This is a co-curricular club which encourages students to learn more about the French culture. Sponsor: Mrs. Niemann


    German Club – This is a co-curricular club which encourages students to learn more about the German culture. Sponsor: Mrs. Breitenthaler

    History Club –This co-curricular club engages students in history from a hands-on perspective. Students participate in seminars, field trips and various activities to enhance the appreciation of history. Sponsor: Mr. Bailey

    International Service Club – an international service club which helps build houses in impoverished communities. Sponsors: Mr. Hochkammer; Mrs. Hitchens-Seymour

    LVSI (Loudoun Valley Service Initiative) – This organization focuses on community service fueled by student interests and ideas. Members engage in fundraisers, collections, and other activities designed to support LVHS and its immediate community. Sponsors: Ms. Olis, Mrs. Wissler

    Latin Club – This is a co-curricular club which encourages students to learn more about the classics and ancient cultures. Sponsor: Mr. Krepich


    Mu Alpha Theta – This is the Math Honor Society; students engage in mathematical competitions and the  exploration of numbers. Sponsor: Mrs. McConnell, Mr. Snyder

    Newspaper – This co-curricular activity is responsible for the writing, layout and production of the school newspaper, which publishes regularly throughout the year. Sponsor: Ms. Cox

    NHS – This honor society is a service organization; membership is open to juniors and seniors who meet the grade requirements as well as the criteria of service, character and leadership. Sponsors: Mr. Jones; Mr. Oh; Ms. Burkett

    Nurses Club – Members interested in pursuing a career in any medical field go on field trips and attend guest lectures. Sponsors: Mrs. Krone; Ms. Nesselrodt

    Partners Club – Students in this organization pair with students with special needs and participate in various activities throughout the year. Open to 11th and 12th grade students. Sponsor: Mrs. Clark

    PEER – Juniors and Seniors recommended for this group are specially trained to work with fellow students to solve problems common to teens. PEER helpers acquire skills in values clarification, problem solving, communication and decision making. Sponsors: Mrs. Owens; Mrs. Whitacre

    Physical Fitness– a club for students who want to pursue the practice of yoga and other means of exercise. Sponsor: Physical Education Department

    SCA – This student organization encompasses the entire student body and is responsible for a wide array of activities, from planning Homecoming and Spirit Week to beautifying the school grounds. Sponsors: Ms. Heiser; Ms. Hitchens; Mr. McFarland

    Spanish Club – This is a co-curricular club which encourages students to learn more about the Spanish culture. Sponsor: Mrs. Boldin

    Spirit Club – This club's main purpose is to promote school spirit.  We make posters and spirit bags, organize breakfasts, help coaches, and support all athletic events.  We also conduct fund raisers to support our own school community providing meal and/or gift cards for those in need, as well as coat/clothing drives, and a Giving Tree during the holiday season. Sponsor: Mrs. Phillips

    Technical Students Association – for students interested in Technical education classes, this is an extension of the curriculum. Sponsor: Mrs. Williams

    Ultimate Frisbee – an opportunity for physical exercise in or out, weather depending. Sponsors: Mr. Hochkammer; Mrs. Bugaj

    Video Game Club – this is an after-school group which meets to discuss various video games, explore what goes into making these games, and plays them! Sponsor: Ms. Szkotnicki; Ms. Keffer

    Veteran’s Club – The Veterans Club sponsors and organizes the Veterans Day and Memorial Day programs.  We recognize our fallen heroes, including our three Vikings, by participating in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery.  We also facilitate outreach to the troops through fund raising, Sweats for Vets, and display American flags in front of our school.  Sponsors: Mrs. Bower

    Yearbook - Photojournalism teaches students the skills and knowledge necessary to produce our award-winning SAGA. Sponsor: Ms. Akers


    Extra-Curricular Activity Groups: These groups meet outside the regular school day. Listen for announcements!!!

    FCA – Mr. Long

    Hockey – Ms. Ring

    Prism/GSA – Ms. Morris-Young