• Click to log into DreamBox using Clever: DreamBox
    Use your student ID (lunch number)
    and LEAD password (please check with child's teacher if he/she does not know his/her password)
    Remember to work for 20 minutes
    and complete the activities without help from your family. 
     If you have an iPad or Android device you can download the free LCPSGO app in addition to the free Dreambox Green and Blue Apps to make it work.  You will need to put in the following school access code once you open the app for the first time: kwah/hjfk.
    Update for Parents: If your child tells you that something is not working correctly in Dreambox, it is due to an update the company implemented. If you clear the cached files from your browser's data history, it should work properly once again.  To do this in Google Chrome, go to the far top right corner and locate three bars. Click on the bars and select "History". Next click on "clear browsing data" and then uncheck the cached files box. At the drop down menu, select "from the beginning of time". Then, close and reopen Google Chrome and log into Dreambox.