•  Gurinder "Ginni" Badwal 

     Mrs. Badwal
    Mrs. Badwal is in her fourth year of teaching in Loudoun County. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Master's in Education from George Mason University. Currently, Mrs. Badwal is working on her 2nd Master's which will be completed by Fall 2019!  This year, Mrs. Badwal serves as a co-sponsor for the Class of 2021. Go Knights! 

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     Blackboard will be accessible to students starting January 22nd. Mrs. Badwal will use this media to post assignments, agendas, and overall communication with her students. Students enrolled in DE should be advised to log into Blackboard with their NOVA ID and PW to access course materials. 

    A1- Dual Enrollment 

    B5- Dual Enrollment

    A2- Planning

    B6- Advisory

    A3- Dual Enrollment 

    B7- Planning
    A4- Dual Enrollment  B8- Dual Enrollment
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    Sophomore Class of 2021 Sponsor  
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    41535 Sacred Mountain St. Aldie, VA 20105