CONTACT EMAIL: stemgivesgiftedgirls@gmail.com

    What is STEM 3G?:

    STEM 3G is a program that allows high school students to teach young girls about STEM, while developing core values through educational activities and team-building exercises.

    What STEM 3G does?

    We go to different elementary schools in the mornings to inspire girls in 2nd-5th grade through STEM and help boost their confidence. In addition, we host weekend sessions at the Gum Springs Library. We also are invited to several STEM expos throughout the school year. This also gives an opportunity for club members to earn volunteer hours. 

    Club Meetings:

    We will always have our club meetings on Monday mornings at 8:40, unless there is a time change. They will be in Mrs. Macaleer’s room (1410).

    Volunteering Roles: (7:15 am Weekday mornings of your assigned day)

    Teachers (2-3): Teaches the girls the lesson of the day

    Presentation Designer (1): Makes powerpoint presentations to aid the teachers

    Assistant (1): Passes out materials, helps students with activities  

    Elections are October 2nd!

    Website: http://stem3g.weebly.com/

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/STEM-Gives-Gifted-Girls-856137037785566/

    RUN BY: Aria Gupta, Shaalini Desai, and Ankitha Anumolu