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    Falcon Image Hawley, Tina
     Science Department 
     Who am I?
    • Taught Physics at the University of Kentucky as undergrad
    • Teaching Physics and AP Physics for 17 years –CollegeBoard Trained
    • Taught in 2 LA suburbs, was a mentor teacher in CO, in LoCo 8th year
    • Adjunct Physics Professor U of Denver
    • Virtual Loudoun Physics Teacher


    My 2020-21 Schedule:


     1st  Study Hall  5th  Earth Science
     2nd  AP Physics   6th  AP Physics 
     3rd  Planning  7th  Planning
     4th  Earth Science  8th  Earth Science
    Course Information
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    Phoenix Gradebook
    All Course information can be found on Schoology.  
    Extra Curricular Positions
     - None
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