• Welcome to 6th grade math!!  
    I am looking forward to our year together.
    A little about me...
    • I was a student at River Bend from 2003-2006!  I am so lucky to be a raven again :)
    • I graduated from Potomac Falls High School.
    • I then went on to James Madison University... GO DUKES!! 
    • I was a cheerleader there all four years.
    • I received my Master's in Teaching also at JMU, focusing on Middle Ed. Math and Science.
    • I love watching DC sports, especially the Nationals and Capitals.  

    Please contact me at Lauren.Proctor@lcps.org with any questions about class.
    Block 1 - Math 6
    Block 2 - Planning
    Block 3 - Accel. Math 6/7 
    Block 4 - Accel. Math 6/7 team-taught with Mrs. Russell
    Block 5 - Planning
    Block 6 - Math 6 team-taught with Mrs. Russell
    Block 7 - Math 6
    Block 8 - Math 6 team-taught with Mrs. McCormick
    1 inch binder
    Sprial Notebook
    Thin dry erase markers
    Pencils... There's never too many pencils.
    Laptop charged
    Classroom Expectations:
    To be successful in my class, students should come to class prepared.  This means homework completed to the best of their ability, with at least a pencil, and their laptop charged.  We will be using devices in class every day.  
    Please check Google Classroom when you are absent.  Classwork, notes, and homework will be posted here.  Periodically check ParentVUE or StudentVue to see up-to-date grades in all classes as well as upcoming assignments and tests.  
    Students should seek extra help at the first sign of trouble.  Please email me or come down to my room so we can schedule some time to work together - resource, lunch, or before/after school.
    Grading Information:
    Quarter averages are calculated 80% tests/projects and 20% DreamBox completion.  There will be many assignments in class to prepare students for the tests.  Even though these assignments are not counted toward the grade average, it may be in the gradebook so students and parents can track progress through each unit.  Completion of DreamBox lessons will also be included in student's grades.  These will be entered on a bi-weekly basis.  
    Again, please contact me at Lauren.Proctor@lcps.org with any questions or concerns.