• What Can the Media Center do for YOU?!


    Test score increases were directly related to the degree to which media specialists and teachers worked together. A study conducted by Colorado’s Library Research Service (LRS) showed that students at schools with strong media centers scored significantly higher on standardized tests than those with less well equipped and staffed libraries.


    I don’t have time?!  Teachers, We would love to meet with you individually or in groups!! Please invite us to your department meetings so that we can brainstorm ways to collaborate. Collaboration Form



    What are some ways we can work collaboratively? We can design lessons that incorporate common sense media skills but still meet the needs of the content you are teaching.


    Are you sick of the same old written reports? Let us help your students create an alternate project such as a. . .


    •        Create a video or commercial using PixiClip, Stupeflix, or Voki - a unnamed account creation can be emailed & saved!
    •        A newsletter, advertisement, brochure or handout using Easel.ly, we'll demonstrate it for you.
    •        Create a QR Code Scavenger hunt & have students work in pairs.  See examples HERE
    •        Create a wordcloud with Wordle or Tagxedo
    •        Create a blog and monitor your students’ activity
    •        Create a simple cartoon using Google Slides, HERE
    •        Create a cartoon like this one using Google Slides, instructions HERE
    •        Create a book trailer with simple instructions from THIS VIDEO 


    Some Lessons Available


    • Orientation – typically done with 6th grade, always good  to review
    • Choosing the Right Book –  Prezi presentation
    • How to – search the online catalog; online database; create their own eBook backpack
    • Note Taking Skills –  Prezi presentation
    • Easy-Bib – cite sources to avoid plagiarism and create organized notes.  
    • Plagiarism –  Introduction to plagiarism with interactive activity
    • Research - Citation, and websites information evaluation . Good for 8th grade science