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    Dr. Lucas is a relatively new member of this learning community serving Park View High School  for a second year. She received her doctorate in Education Policy and Leadership from George Washington University and her Master of Science degree in School Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. Before joining Loudoun County Public Schools she served in various capacities as an educator such as Guidance Counselor, Staff Development Specialist and Social Studies teacher in northern Virginia and suburban Maryland. This year Dr. Lucas is  working with both the Social Science Department teaching and co-teaching United States & Virginia Government to twelfth grade students and with the Learning Resource  Department assisting a variety of students to meet his or her individualized  educational goals.  If you would like to contact Dr. Lucas, you may reach her via email at alucas@lcps.org.




    Subject: US & VA Government SC

    Syllabus 2016 – 2017      

    Instructor Information

    Name: Dr. Arlana Lucas

    Email Address: alucas@lcps.org      



    Course Description

     This course examines the structures of government and the economy in the United States. The balance and separation of powers within the U.S. government, and the powers inherent to each branch and level, are emphasized. Democratic values and responsible participation in the community are stressed throughout the course. The United States’ political and economic roles in the global community are also analyzed. Basic principles inherent in the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of Virginia, the Virginia Declaration of Rights, and the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom are examined and related to everyday life. Because of the conceptual nature of government and the constant interaction of current affairs, the specific material which makes up the course may vary greatly from year to year.


    Textbook for course: Macgruder's American Government



    Curriculum objectives to be covered:

    Link to the VA Department of Education SOL Curriculum Framework 




    Course outline

    First Quarter:

    Unit One- Foundations of Government

    Unit Two- Beginnings of U.S. Government

    Unit Three-Political Parties

    Unit Four- Elections

    Unit Five- Voting

    Second Quarter:

    Unit Six- Interest Groups & Public Opinion

    Unit Seven- Founding Documents & the Constitution

    Unit Eight- Federalism

    Unit Nine- The Legislative Branch

    Third Quarter:

    Unit Nine- The Legislative Branch

    Unit Ten- The Executive Branch

    Unit Eleven- Judicial Branch

    Unit Twelve-Virginia & Local Government

    Fourth Quarter-

    Unit Twelve-Virginia & Local Government

    Unit Thirteen- Civil Rights & Liberties








    Common Cohort Grading Policy:

    At the end of the 9 weeks your grade will be based on evidence of how much you have learned during that time.  Grades will be calculated on a total points system. 


    Grades will be based on the following items:


    • Summative assessments like tests and cumulative projects will be worth between 0-100 points.


    • Formative assessments like homework, daily work, group work, quizzes and smaller projects will not be allotted any points. However, scores on these assessments will be recorded in Phoenix to show academic progress and may range in value from 0-20.


    Test Correction policy: 

    Students who score below a 70/C- on a test may complete test corrections and earn ½ credit for each incorrectly answered question that is corrected.   Students may earn back points up to a grade of 70/C-. All formative assessments must be completed and submitted before test corrections will be allowed. All test corrections must be completed one week prior to the end of the quarter. 



    LCPS Grading scale:

    A+     98-100               C+        77-79  

    A        93-97                C           73-76

    A-       90-92                C-         70-72

    B+      87-89                D+        67-69            

    B        83-86                D           63-66

    B-       80-82                D-         60-62

                                        F           59 and below



    Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

    Students should be on time with all materials needed for class. They should respect themselves, respect others, and respect their teacher. Violations of this expectation will not be tolerated.


    All PVHS & LCPS rules and expectations are in effect.


    *Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

      Cell phones and laptops/tablets will be used for various assignments during class. However,

      during instructional periods, it is expected that cell phones and other electronics be put away.



    Materials needed for class:

    ·       Binder, Notebook, or Folder

    ·       Writing utensil



    Parents can contact me via email, alucas@lcps.org at all times, when ever needed.




    Before school tutoring is available, upon appointment.


    Late Work Policy

    All late work is due one week prior to the end of the quarter. No points will be deducted for late work.  However, students should be mindful that all assignments are in place to prepare them for the summative assessments so it is imperative that assignments are completed on time. Also, all formative assessments must be completed and submitted before a student will be allowed to complete test corrections.



    LCPS 8-17 C. Make-up work missed because of absence:

    Make-up Work Policy

    Whenever a student is absent, whether an excused or unexcused absence or a

    suspension absence, if the principal requires make-up work, a reasonable amount of time, consistent with the length of the absence, will be given the student to make up the work missed. Upon return from absence, the student is responsible to initiate immediate action to make up the work. Upon such request of the student, the teacher is responsible to provide assignments, tests, and other work that must be made up and to inform the student clearly when make-up work for which grades will be given is due. Failure to complete such make-up work within the time allowed will result in a failing grade for those assignments, tests, or other work. Make-up work turned in within the time allowed will be graded on the same basis as other work.




    Park View’s goal is to promote a community of trust that will enhance student achievement and learning.  Students who accept responsibility for their own academic integrity and take pride in genuine achievement.    As members of the Park View community, we are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  The Park View Honor Code represents expectations of behavior that are aligned with effectively preparing community members for success in a global society.  

    The Park View Honor Council oversees all Honor Code violations.  Students have the right to appeal any violations, as long as their appeal is submitted to the Honor Council within seven calendar days of violation notification.   


    The entirety of the Honor Code can be found on the PVHS homepage under Site Shortcuts and/or Our School at:  https://www.lcps.org/pvhs.   



    U.S. Government Quarterly Planning Calendar


    First Nine Weeks


    • Unit 1-Foundations of Government
    • Unit 2-Beginnings of U.S. Government
    • Unit 3-Political Parties
    • Unit 4-Elections

      (Used throughout the year)

      Map Skills


      Charts, Graphs & Timelines

      Authentic Problem Solving

      Primary Documents

      Unit 5-Voting

    Second Nine Weeks


    • Unit 6-Interest Groups & Public Opinion
    • Unit 7-Founding Documents & the Constitution
    • Unit 8-Federalism
    • Unit 9-The Legislative Branch


    Third Nine Weeks








    • Unit 9-The Legislative Branch
    • Unit 10-The Executive Branch
    • Unit 11-The Judicial Branch
    • Unit 12-Virginia & Local Government

    Fourth Nine Weeks








    • Unit 12-Virginia & Local Government
    • Unit 13-Civil Rights & Liberties


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