• Mrs. Cox’s Classroom Procedures and Policies

    What do I need to have in class every day?

    • Agenda
    • Science Binder
    • Science Interactive Notebook
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Pencil
    • Calculator (Chemistry)

    How should I organize my binder?

    Organization is a personal decision, however, if I were setting up a binder for my class, I would have sections for the following:

    • Handouts
    • Labs
    • Homework Assignments
    • Tests/Quizzes**

    **Be sure to keep all tests and quizzes (even if they weren’t a good score…they’re excellent sources to study for your SOLs!

    What do I do if I’m absent?

    • All handouts for the day will be in your class folder. You SHOULD come by your classroom to pick it up THE DAY you return, even if you don’t have science that day. 
    • You should get notes from a classmate and then check in with me after the first 15 minutes of class to arrange to make up any class work like labs, tests or quizzes that you may have missed.
    • Plan to take a missed assessment before school at 7:45am within one class period of missing the test.  I will not give make-up tests during Titan Time...too many distractions and interruptions in that environment.

    What is the bathroom policy?

    • It is preferred that you use the RR between classes, and AFTER you have already arrived to my class.
    • No one leaves in the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of class.
    • If you need to use the RR during class, please raise your hand and I'll let you know when a good time to go will be.
    • One person can be out of the room at a time.
    • Cell phone must stay on your desk while you are using the bathroom.
    • During tests and quizzes: no one may leave the room until ALL tests are complete unless it is a medical emergency.

    What is the cell phone policy?

    Technology is important in science; however, it is also a huge distraction in school.  During class, every student will keep their phone face down, silent, in the upper right corner of the desk.  That way, it’s easily accessible if you need it for an instructional purpose, BUT, it’s also obvious if you’re being distracted by it.

    A few exceptions:

    • Cell phones have NO place in the bathroom. Really…think about it.  Yuck!
    • Cell phones must be out of sight during any assessment (quiz or test) until EVERY person in class is finished.


    First Offense:  Mrs. Cox takes device for remainder of school day.  Student can retrieve it after the last block of the day dismisses.

    Second and Subsequent Offenses:  Mrs. Cox takes device and will give it to student’s Assistant Principal until a Clinic is satisfactorily served.  Parent/Guardian will be notified.

    What is the late work policy?

    The easy answer is don’t turn stuff in late…getting behind and playing catch-up will create a snowball effect in all your classes.

    But, if it happens, here’s the deal:

    • I don’t keep track of days late or take points off for turning something in late, but I DO track in student vue whether assignments were turned in after the due date by marking them with an "L" next to the score.  If a pattern emerges, we'll likely need to have a conversation about how you're managing your time.
    • All unit assignments must be turned in by the time the unit test is taken. Once a student takes the unit test, they may not turn in any missing assignments for that unit.

    What about extra credit?

    I provide a few opportunities for bonus points on tests/quizzes each quarter.  These will be built into the test, so for example I may put 53 questions on a test and only take the score out of 50, thus allowing the opportunity for you to earn 3 bonus points on that test.

    I don’t give extra credit assignments…at all…ever.  Sorry.

    My quarter/final grade is a 79…can you just bump it up to an 80?

    No.  I don’t do that.  Grades are calculated as the average of all the assignments for that marking period.  I can’t just randomly change a calculated grade.  That’s way too subjective and not fair to your classmates.

Last Modified on August 2, 2019