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    ¡Hola! My name is Frederick Reed. Welcome to my homepage. This year I am teaching Spanish 4 and Fluent Speaker class at Freedom HS! I am very excited about being here! About me: I was born in Spain and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Virginia Tech and a Master's degree in Spanish language and culture from the Universidad de Salamanca. I have been teaching Spanish since 1997. I love going to Spain and watching La liga! This website will have useful information pertaining to my courses. I am available for extra help during my office hours Monday-Friday @ 8:30 a.m. in room L206. You can look in Schoology or receive updates on upcoming assignments on Remind. You can reach me at Frederick.reed@lcps.org  ¡Gracias! 


    Señor Reed's Schedule 22-23:

    Block 1A Spanish 4 - Room L206

    Block 2A SFS  Room L206

    Block 3A Spanish 4 L206

    Block 4A Planning  Room L200 

    Block 5B Planning Room L200

    Block 6B Study Hall Room L220

    Block 7B Spanish 4 Room L206

    Block 8B Spanish 4 Room L206




    Grading Policy

     Retakes are intended to allow students to demonstrate mastery and have the following guidelines:

    • Students are eligible for 1 retake per assessment if the original score is below 80%
    • The retake is a single attempt. The highest grade achievable on a retake is 80%.
    • All work (homework assignments, or other formative assessments, etc.) related to the assessment have been completed.
    • All retake attempts must be completed within two weeks after having been returned the original.
    • The highest score will be included in the overall grade calculation for the quarter.













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