Welcome to 6th Grade History!!!

  •  (History 6) Espinoza

    Mrs. Espinoza
     Apple Teacher
     Harmony Hornet
     Melissa Espinoza

    I am thrilled to be starting my fourth year at Harmony Middle School where I began in 6th grade English, then switched to 7th grade History before landing back in House C for 6th grade History. I taught 7 years at Lovettsville Elementary and 3 years at Forest Grove Elementary in Sterling. Before moving to Loudoun County, I taught 6 years in my home state, New York.  I graduated from SUNY Geneseo.  


     Course Information
     Google Classroom - You will need a class code.
    US History I
    Block 2,3,4
    I am available to meet with students in the mornings before school, during lunch, and during their resource class. My door is open for students to come in and do work, using class resources, even while I am teaching.
     Class Resources
     The assignment calendar in Phoenix will be useful as it is linked to the students' Google Classroom.
    All resources for students will be housed in Google Classroom and within the digital notebook found in OneNote.  Students can use lcpsgo and their lcps.org addresses to log in to both. One Note is found in the Office 365 app. 
    **Please note there is NOT an SOL test at the end of this course as stated on this document.**
    Daily Homework This is the slide show that is posted for students when they walk in the door each day.  It includes homework and other reminders.
    Online textbook to be used as a reference as needed.

    Class Norms (developed by the students)

    A day

    In order for our class to be fun and exciting every day, while learning a lot about events in history, including the Civil War,  Mrs. Espinoza will need to help me learn by explaining everything in depth, keeping a firm grip on the class and pushing us to our goals.
    In order for our class to run smoothly as a team, we will be kind, help others, listen and cooperate. We will be successful if we pay attention and if we are respectful, responsible, and hardworking.


    B day

    In order for our class to be fun and exciting every day, while learning a lot about history topics such as wars and government, Mrs. Espinoza will need to be understanding.  She will need to teach in a way that we understand and she will help us when we need it. In order for our class to run smoothly, we will be respectful, optimistic and ready to learn each day. We will be successful if we stay organized and pay attention, while giving our BEST EFFORT!

    Flexible Seating Expectations
    What to bring to class
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