Knowledge is limited, Imagination is not !
    Hello parents and students ! 
    Ms. Dariush is excited to start her fourth year of teaching at Sterling Middle School.  She has two bachelor degrees (one in Science and one in Education) from McMaster University and University of Toronto, in Canada.  Five years ago, she got married and moved from Canada to the United States.  She taught at a private school for the two years. 
    Ms. Dariush enjoys playing volleyball and roller blading.  Ms. Dariush's teaching philosophy is to create a caring, safe, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment for all her students, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

    During this school year, the students will explore the world of Chemistry and Physics in Ms. Dariush's Physical Science class. The 8th grade curriculum stresses a deeper understanding of nature and the structure of matter and energy than in earlier grades.  The students will learn the following topics:

    1. Skills and Nature of Science ( PS.1)  

    2. Characteristics of Matter (PS.2c-f, PS.5a, PS.1) 

    3. Atoms and the Atomic Theory ( PS.2a, PS.3, PS.1)

    4. The Periodic Table (PS.4a, PS.1) 

    5. Chemical Bonds and Changes (PS.2b, PS.4b-c, PS.5c, PS.1) 

    6. Nuclear Reactions and Radioactivity (PS.5b, PS.1) 

    7. Electricity and Magnetism ( PS.11)

    8. Waves ( Sound and light) PS.8&9 

    9. Motion and Force ( PS.10)

    10. Work, Power, Simple Machine and Mechanical Energy (PS.10)


    Here is Ms. Dariush's favorite quote from Haim Ginott, Child Psychologist, and a School Teacher,

    Children are like wet cement, what ever falls on them makes an impression” 

     Ms. Dariush's contact information is:  asal.dariush@lcps.org