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    Riverside Rams! BR Jones
     Welcome to Mister Jones's class. I look forward to the school year as we work together to further our school's legacy to our community.
    This is my fourth year as a permanent teacher after several years of substitute teaching in Loudoun County. I came to education after a first career as a United States Marine. I served around the world for twenty-two years as an aircraft weapons handler.
    After retiring, I pursued my long-held desire to teach. I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and History from George Mason University. I also earned a Masters of Education degree from the same University.
    Communication will be accomplished primarily through Phoenix SIS.

    My 2018-2019 Schedule:

     1st English Ten Honors  5th  English Ten Academic
     2nd Planning  6th Study Hall
     3rd English Ten Honors  7th  Department Planning
     4th  English Ten Honors  8th  English Ten Academic
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    Department Grading Policy Department Reassessment policy

    Riverside High School English Department: 

    Grading Policy: The students will participate in a number of activities designed to foster learning and to enhance their reading and writing skills. 

    1. The students will be tasked with both formative and summative assessments. The summative assessments will comprise 90% of the individual student’s overall grade, while formatives make up the remaining 10%.
    2. Individual activities may be worth zero to as many points as are deemed appropriate by the teacher. No single assessment will be worth more than 20% of a student’s overall grade EXCEPT for the honors assessments.
    3. Letter grades attached to activities will follow the standard A, A-, B+, etc., reporting format.

    Late work policy: 

    1. 10% of the total points earned will be subtracted for each class day that an assignment is late.
    2. At five class days, the assignment receives 50% of the points earned.
    3. After five class days, the material may be turned in for discussion or remediation but will not be accepted for points.




    Riverside English Department: 

    Retakes and Reassessments:

    Mastery is defined as the attainment of 84% of the assessed material. Therefore, students receiving an 83% or lower qualify for a “re-take.”

    1. Students have 1 retake per unit exam
    2. Students receive the higher of the two grades


    Remediation: How do students get remediated? 

    1. Remediation must occur before a reassessment takes place
    2. Remediation is not a gatekeeper exercise designed to keep students from re-assessing; instead it is a necessary step to prepare the student for the re-assessment.

    When: Remediation and reassessment must take place before 2 weeks have elapsed from the date of the original assessment OR by the end of the next unit of study when appropriate.   

    Other important information: 

    1. The rigor of the second assessment will be commensurate with original
    2. The highest grade a reassessing student can achieve is a 84%


    Extra Curricular Positions
     Model United Nations Sponsor, Anime Club Sponsor, Relay for Life Sponsor