• Welcome students and parents to my webpage.   I am Lisa Bradley.  This is my 3rd full year at Dominion and I am very excited to be  here!  I am teaching Geometry and Pre-Calculus.    

    Contact me via email lisa.bradley@lcps.org

    My Schedule:


     PD  Class Name  RM  PD  Class Name  RM
     1  Geometry L501  5  Titan Time Aud
     2  PreCalculus L501  6 PreCalculus L501
     3  Planning    7  Planning  
     4  PreCalculus  L104  8  PreCalculus  L501
    Clubhouse:  Room L501
    Extra Help hours: Tuesday 4 - 5 PM and Thursday 8-9AM
    Course materials can be found on the class website in Phoenix.   
     Be Inspired!