Andrew Y. Lee, MEd, ATC
    Freedom High School
    25450 Riding Center Drive
    South Riding, VA  20152
    703-957-4300 (Main)
    703-957-4308 (Athletics)
    703-542-2414 (Fax)
    Athletic Training Room opens at 3:48pm
    Monday - Friday
    Athletic Training Room will also open at 3:20pm for
    the athletes with early release this year.  You must obtain a pass from me and check-in at the front office prior to your visit.
    Athlete must sign in by 4:05pm
    if any athletic training service (injury evaluation,
    taping, wraping, rehabilitation) is needed.
    If your student-athlete was seen by a physician for an injury/illness and missed the practice(s), please have him/her to bring a MD's note back to me ASAP (you can also fax the note).
    Student-athlete is not allowed to participate in
    sports without MD's note.
    Any athlete with prescribed inhaler, epi-pen or glucagon pen must have one present during practice/game.
    Pre/Off-Season athlete's injury should be treated by his/her family physician.  Please understand that taking care of In-Season athlete's injury is my primary responsibility.
Last Modified on August 3, 2006