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    University of Pittsburgh 
    Kim Fow earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree in Classics and her Master's of Education from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is currently the Latin Teacher at Harper Park and Belmont Ridge Middle Schools.  Prior to working as a Latin Teacher in Loudoun County, Magistra Fow lived in Pennsylvania.  She also is certified to teach both Latin K-12 and Special Education 7-12 there.  This is Magistra Fow's 6th year in LCPS.

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    Click on the links below to find my course(s).  Cambridge E-book links on Phoenix/Class Resources. 


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    My Quizlet - my User ID is MagistraFow, join the correct level Latin class for Quiz sets


    A1- Latin I BEMS B5- Latin II HPMS
    A2- Latin II BEMS B6- Latin I HPMS

    A3- CLT BEMS/

    7th grade lunch

    B7-Duty/CLT PlanningHPMS

    A4- Latin I BEMS B8- Planning HPMS
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    701 Potomac Station Drive  Leesburg, VA 20175

    Email Magistra Fow at kfow@lcps.org