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Name Email Web Page Subject Additional
Ashworth, Jenna Jenna Ashworth Research Biology, Academic Biology  Science Olympiad Co-Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor
Cabaniss, Kevin Kevin Cabaniss
Academic Earth Science, Research Earth Science, Academic Biology Sophomore Class Sponsor, PBIS
Kathryn Caulfield
Academic Biology, Chemistry  
Katelyn Katelyn Chadwick
Chemistry, Geospatial Science  Japanese Anime and Manga Club Sponsor
Crumbliss, Erin Erin Crumbliss Chemistry, AP Biology Science National Honor Society

Earth Science, Resarch Earth Science
Gail  Special Ed Biology, Special Ed Conceptual Physics, Basic Skills 
Gulden, Linda Linda Gulden Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Research chemistry  Science National Honor Society, Gardening Club
Robin    Biology  
Hertema, Melissa Melissa Hertema AP Biology, Research Earth Science  Red Cross Club and Biology Club Sponsor
Infante, Kristina Kristina Infante Biology  
Lockhart, Jackie Jackie Lockhart Academic Biology, Environmental Science  
Markley, Brian Brian Markley Biology, Environmental Science  Cross Country Team Assistant Coach
Mason, Jonathan Jonathan Mason AP Physics, Academic Physics VASTS Sponsor,  Cricket Club Sponsor
Pajazetovic, Kimberley
AP Environmental, Earth Science

Savage, Debra
Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science
Ping Pong Club, Environmental Club, PBIS Internal Coach, Advisory
Mike Academic Physics, Conceptual Physics  Magic Club sponsor, Hockey Club Sponsor

Tsuda, Marie
Marie Tsuda
Special Ed Earth Science, Special Ed Environmental Science
Odyssey of the Mind Sponsor
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