• Bee happy!
    Hello there and welcome to wonderful 3rd grade!
    Here is a little background about me: I grew up in South Jersey, but since then I've lived in England, France, the Florida Panhandle, and Princeton. I live with my husband, our daughter (11th grade), our son (10th grade), and our young cat! I stayed at home with our kids when they were younger, but I couldn't shake the teaching bug, so I wrote and self-published a fun, educational book about the Tudor dynasty of England, which a mainstream publisher picked up and re-released in November 2015.
    I am happy to be an author, but I am even happier to be a teacher! Besides 3rd grade (which is, of course, the best) I have also taught Kindergarten, 7th grade, and 8th grade. I adore gardening, raising solitary bees, coffee, crochet, the Harry Potter series, the beach, Halloween (and fall, in general), and Christmas. Our family enjoys spending time in Florida each year and, in the past, has explored Iceland!
    It is my mission to nurture a love of learning and discovery in my students, as well as a sense of responsibility and ownership. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own work and other reminders. I believe in creating a supportive and confident community of learners that includes healthy curiosity, academic challenge, and well-organized time and materials.
    The best way to reinforce correct spelling and language usage is to read, read, read! This webpage has a link on the left sidebar with lots of books that 3rd graders love. Have a look!
    This year, your child will be learning to write in cursive. The students are very lucky because it is a skill that is not taught in most states these days. Familiarity with reading and writing in cursive will allow your child to read relatives' letters, historical documents, and other items that may be inaccessible to someone who cannot read nor write in this style. Some of the other benefits to learning and practicing cursive handwriting are: hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills improvement, enhanced spelling recall, heightened writing speed (once mastered), and individuality expressed through writing style. 
    I am so excited to be teaching your child this year! Feel free to e-mail me at any time, but do allow 48 working hours for a reply. If your matter is time-sensitive, it must be directed to the office instead of to my e-mail.