• English Speakers of Other Languages Department:


    1. English as a World Language I (EWL I) 394010

    (World language credit; not an English credit)


    2. English as a World Language II (EWL II) 395010

    (World language credit; not an English credit)


    3. ELL Writing in Content Areas 145010

    (Elective credit;may be taken concurrently with EWL)


    4. ELL Advanced Writing in the Content Areas 190015

    (Elective credit;may be taken concurrently with EWL)


    5.Advanced Language Learners 197010

    (English credit toward graduation requirement)


    6. English 9 (General)* 140400


    7. English 10 or English 12 (General)* 150400; 170400


    8. English 11 (General)* 160400

    * Academic and Honors English also available



    1. ELL Math (elective; not a math credit) 588010

    2. All other math courses


    1. ELL Reading I 190011

    2. ELL Reading II 190012
    3. ELL Reading III 190013


    1. ELL Science Concepts I (not a science credit) 650310

    2. ELL Science Concepts II 650410

    (Elective; not a science credit)

    3. Earth Science 640300

    4. All other science courses


    1. ELL Social Science Concepts I 770010

    (Elective credit; not a social science credit)

    2. ELL Social Science Concepts II 770011

    (Elective credit; not a social science credit)

    3.World History/Geography I or 740300

    4.World History/Geography II 745300

    5. U.S. and Virginia History 750300

    6. U.S.Government 760300


    Special programs of instruction are available for students

    who are English Language Learners (ELL). ELL classes are offered

    in all high schools except where a school has too few students.

    In schools with very small enrollments, students are transported

    to nearby schools with larger student enrollments so that they

    can participate in the ELL program.

    When students enroll in Loudoun County, they are asked

    if English is the language spoken at home. If it is not, an

    English language proficiency test will be administered by

    trained instructors.The test will help determine the classes

    appropriate for the student.

    Each student's placement will be determined on an

    individualized basis. Students will be placed at the

    appropriate level in the classes below.Once academic

    English skills are acquired, the student will proceed to other

    classes listed in the Program of Studies.

    ELL students must meet all graduation requirements in order

    to earn a diploma. In some cases,high school age students who

    arrive with little or no English skills may need more than four

    years to complete the credits and testing needed for graduation

    from high school. 

Last Modified on October 7, 2014