Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuations—Students must follow procedures by evacuating the building in an orderly manner and remaining with their class.  If separated from your class, report to the nearest staff member and identify yourself.


    Code Blue—This is our lockdown drill where students and teachers move away from the door and windows and the teacher locks the door.  Students must vacate the halls and bathrooms and report to the nearest classroom.  We must account for each student.


    Driving Privileges/Parking Lot

    Permission to drive is a privilege which requires responsibility on your part to ensure safety and security.  You must first apply for permission to drive and purchase a parking pass. This pass is required for display and is not transferable to other students.  In addition you must:

    - Abide by the rules

    - Park in designated areas

    - Follow directional signs

    - Observe the 10 mph speed limit

    Parking Permits are only good for one year. Permit sales are announced at the beginning of the school year, first to seniors, then juniors. they are sold on a first come first served basis afterwards. The cost is $200 per year. You may pay $100 each semester, with the second payment due during midterm exams or before. there is a $25 charge for lost permits. Permits may be purchased in the main office. Checks are made payable to Freedom High School.
     Please select the link to download the Student Parking Permit Application.

    You are not permitted in the parking lot during the school day unless given permission by the office.  You are responsible for the conduct of others and the content of your vehicle while on school grounds and while driving to and from school.  The school is not responsible for stolen or damaged items in your vehicle, nor does our coverage extend to damage of your vehicle.  Your car is subject to search under School Board policy.  Violations of parking privileges can result in suspension of privileges and other disciplinary consequences.

    School Jurisdiction

    From the time you leave your house in the morning until the time you return home after school, students are considered to be under school jurisdiction.

    Students are discouraged from bringing items listed below to school.

    Ø Large amounts of money

    Ø CD, DVD, MP 3 players

    Ø Cell phones

    Ø Pagers

    Ø Radios

    If these items are brought to school, they should be kept in a safe place for use before or after school only. Students should not leave valuables sitting around.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Report thefts to the safety and security specialist in the main office immediately. The school cannot assume responsibility for items taken from lockers.