Virginia State Law requires students under the ago of 18 to attend school, and the law states that the parent or guardian has the obligation to see that the student is attending school each day.  Regular attendance and promptness are expected in all classes in order to teach valuable life skills for your students’ future. A student should understand that excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, may drastically affect the class grade. The Attendance Secretary will make every effort to inform parent/guardian of a student’s absence.  The school must have correct home, work and cell phone numbers for both parents/guardians.



    There are circumstances that may prevent a student’s attendance in school.

    Absences that may be classified as excused are the following:

    • Personal illness
    • Death in the family
    • Medical and/or dental appointments
    • Court appearances
    • Religious holidays
    • Trips and activities that enhance or extend the students education, when approved in advance by the principal.



    For an absence and/or tardy to be considered excused, the parent or guardian must either fill out the absentee/tardy form on Freedom High School’s website homepage http://goo.gl/forms/xf7A4e3FkepchDEH3 or call the attendance line at 703-957-4309. It is important to do this on the day that the student is absent and/or tardy. Any student not excused by parent and/or guardian within three business days of the absence, will be marked as a “unexcused” absence. Students who exceed five unexcused absences for the school year will be required to provide documentation from the doctor or courts.



    The school would like to be informed of any pre-arranged absences beforehand.  This includes even one day absences.  However, when a student plans to be away for three or more consecutive days, he/she must pick up a “pre-arranged” absence form from the attendance office and have all teachers complete the form before submitting it to the principal for approval. Please submit two weeks in advance.




    To participate in an after-school activity, students must arrive to school no later than 9:30am on the day of the activity.  They must also remain in school all day unless they have approval from the Principal. Any student tardy to school or receiving an early dismissal must bring in a note from the doctor’s office upon return in order to participate in extra-curricular activities that day. Students receiving a clinic dismissal for illness during the school day will not be permitted to participate in after-school activities.



    Whenever a student has an excused absence, a reasonable amount of time consistent with the length of the absence will be given to make up the work. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for any work that has been missed during the absences. Make-up work turned in within the time allowed by the student’s teacher will be graded on the same basics as other work.



    Unexcused absence from school: if the school has not received a note and/or phone call from parent/guardian, or other required documentation, within three business days, the absence will be considered unexcused and the following consequences will be issued:

    • 1st offense- five days of lunch detention.
    • 2nd offense- one day of Friday school; parent conference.
    • 3rd & additional offenses- other disciplinary consequences given by the administration.

    Leaving campus without permission: for the student’s safety concerns, this is considered a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

    • 1st offense- one day of in-school restriction, two weeks of hall pass restriction; parent is contacted.
    • 2nd offense- two days of in-school restriction, two weeks of hall restriction; parent conference.
    • 3rd offense- other disciplinary consequences by the administration.



    Planned early dismissal from school:

    • students should present a note from their parents/guardians to the attendance office first thing in the morning of the dismissal so that the school has time to verify the note prior to the students’ dismissal.
    • parents/Guardians may pick the student up in the front of the building. Students who drive, may leave on their own.  However, all students must stop by the attendance window before leaving the building.
    • Any student who becomes ill during the day, must report to the clinic. If the nurse determines that the student needs to go home, they will call home before dismissing the student.

    Unplanned early dismissal from school:

    • Parents/Guardians are asked to go to the attendance office with there drivers’ license, or state issued ID and sign their student out.  The student will be called from there classroom, which will take additional time. Please leave plenty of time for this procedure.
    • Send an e-mail requesting the student’s dismissal time. The e-mail address is eaglesattendance@gmail.com. The attendance secretary will then send an e-hall pass that will include time of dismissal to the student via their electronic device. Please allow one hour for processing.

     *Please note that we cannot take early dismissal requests over the phone! 



    Late arrival to school or to class encourages the formation of undesirable personal habits, hurts the morale of students who are on time, reflects a negative attitude towards the class/school, creates disruptive problems in the hallways, and disrupts the Instructional process for the school.


    Unexcused tardy to school per quarter: students are considered tardy to school if they arrive late to school after 9:15. Please note that the following reasons for coming to school late will not be excused; oversleeping, power outages, car trouble, and/or missing the bus. A student who is late to school must bring a note from a parent to excuse the tardy.  Parents may only excuse two tardies per quarter.  The parent may complete the online attendance/tardy form found on Freedom’s home page or call the attendance line 703-957-4309 to inform the school of the late arrival.


    Arriving at school after 10:00am: students who arrive to school after 10:00am are Considered absent from their first block class since they have missed more than 50% Of the class. If the late arrival is unexcused, the student will be assigned detention.


    Consequences for unexcused tardies before 10:00am:

    • 1st tardy- warning
    • 2nd tardy- warning
    • 3rd tardy- one detention
    • 4th detention- one Friday school
    • Additional tardies- other disciplinary consequences by the administration.


    Unexcused tardy to class per quarter:

    • 1st tardy- warning from teacher
    • 2nd tardy- teacher assigns detention and contacts parents.
    • Additional tardies- referral to administration


    The unexcused tardy to class pertains to all class periods except first and fifth block.

    Tardies to these classes will be handled by administration.



    • To participate in an evening activity, students must arrive to school by 9:30am and remain in school all day unless they have prior approval by the principal. Failure to be in school all day will result in not being able to practice, play, or Participate in all after-school activities.
    • Students may bring in a note from a doctor or the courts to excuse the tardy and therefore allow the student to participate in after-school activities. A note from the parent/guardian will not be accepted.



    NOTE: attendance and discipline consequences are subject to change as needed to insure continued compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.