Science National Honor SocietySNHS
    - sponsors are Dr. Swanchara, Ms Lee and Ms Plunkett; 
       Purpose of Science National Honor Society is to :
    • Encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
    • Advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science
    • Communicate with the scientific community
    • Aid the civic community with its comprehension of science
    • Encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind

    2019-2020 SNHS Officers

    President – Chaitrali Patil

    Vice President – Zarah Khan and Jessica Chen

    Secretary – Sophia Caulfield and Jordan Pham

    Treasurer/Fundraising- Ben Steinberg

    Historian – Tara Flannery

    Media Specialist - Ben Drennan

    Science Activities/Events Coordinators:  Macy Barmak, Paige Harrison and Mikaela Haast


    NEW MEMBER INFORMATION SESSION - SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 AT 8:15 AM  and 4:15 pm in Ms. Lee's room  (Juniors and Seniors ONLY)
    SNHS information can be found on the SNHS Google Classroom : DR Swanchara 

     APPLICATION FOR 2019-2020 SCEINCE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY   Riverside SNHS New Member Application 2019-2020



     NHS Meeting Dates for the year - all monthly meetings will be in the Riverside Auditorium at 8:30 am and are Mandatory for SNHS Members. Please mark your calendars for the upcoming dates.

    September 19 - Member meeting (8:30 am in Riverside Auditorium)
    October 17 - member Meeting (8:30 am in Riverside Aud
    October 29 - SNHS Induction Ceremony (7:30 pm Auditorium , set up at 6:30 pm))
    November 21 - Member meeting (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
    December 19- Member meeting(8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
    January 9 - Member meeting (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
    February 20 - Member meeting (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
    February 21- Group Leader meeting - Science Exploration Night Informational Meeting (mandatory for all group leaders)
    March 11 - Science Exploration Night at Seldens Landing ES ( 5 pm - 9 pm) (too be determined)
    March 19- Member meeting (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)pril 16 - Member meeting - Call for 2019-2020 Board Officers (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
    April 23 - Member meeting (8:30 am in Auditorium)
    May 21 - Member meeting - last meeting, induction of 2019-2020 Board Officers (8:30 am Riverside Auditorium)
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