• This section of the Freedom High School website is devoted to the Freedom Symposium, an ongoing extracurricular meeting place for teachers, students, and other members of the Freedom HS community. We aim to conduct thoughtful discussions on various aspects of the idea of freedom.
    Freedom: The "Big Idea"
    Freedom High School was so named by the Loudoun County School Board in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The school's name was a symbol of American pride and patriotism after the worst foreign attack on America since the War of 1812.

    However, the school's name has a resonance far beyond a patriotic expression. The concept of freedom is as old as human history. Theologians, philosophers, political scientists, writers, and artists have struggled for millenia with its implications. 

    The American civil rights struggle is one instance of a society's attempt to decide just how free its citizens should be. Freedom for all Americans is at the core of American ideology-but the achievement of that freedom continues to be one of America's most challenging concerns 232 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and 145 years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

    The "freedoms" we confront as students and teachers are not just limited to political freedoms, of course. The list is long: free market economy, freedom of artistic expression, freedom of the press, free agency for professional athletes, free trade, free speech, liberation theology, gender liberation, etc.

    The learning community of Freedom High School should be actively and enthusiastically engaged in an ongoing reflection about the importance and limits of human freedom, in all its aspects. Freedom, after all, is our name.
    The Freedom Symposium
    This site is a place for faculty, students, and members of the wider community to engage in inter-disciplinary discussion about freedom. The project was initiated by Dr. Dave Shepherd, German teacher in the department of Foreign Languages. It will be moderated by other faculty members in various departments.
    Technical structure of this site--How it works
    Participation in the Freedom Symposium requires online discussion through the Freedom Symposium Blog. This blog is open to students, teachers, and other members of the Freedom High School community. 
    Primary blog posts will be created and published by one of the section editors. Other members of the community may then discuss the topic at hand by submitting comments.
    All comments will be moderated by the section editors, in order to keep the discussion "school appropriate." However, the editors do not have any intention of exercising strict censorship on content. This should be a place for responsible and mature discussion--but also of free discussion. It will require all its participants to exercise judgment and respect for others.
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