• Welcome to Language Arts!!

     Ms. Barkley graduated from James Madison University as a double duke, getting a undergraduate degree in English and Master's in Secondary Education. This is going to be her fifth year at River Bend Middle School. She is overjoyed to work with such a great group of students and the fantastic RBM community. 


    This year, Ms. Barkley and Ms. Kardon will be teaching together in an open concept classroom. This essentially means they have more opportunites for personalized instruction in order to better meet the needs of each student. Ms. Kardon's page can be found under the staff list on the RBM website. 


    Any materials needed to complete in and out of class assignments will be posted on Google Classroom for students who missed class and/or may have lost handouts. Please refer to StudentVUE/ParentVUE for information regarding upcoming assignments or projects in Ms. Barkley's class. Ms. Barkley is available for contact at: Crystal.Barkley@lcps.org 
    Need to know something else about the class? Click here for the syllabus.
    Miss Barkley's Schedule - 2019-2020
    A Days 
    Block 1 - Honors English 6 with Ms. Bala and Ms. Belogay
    Block 2 - Honors English 6 with Ms. Biagi
    Block 3 - Honors English 6 with Ms. Bala
    Block 4  Collaborative Learning Team meeting/Planning
    B Days 
    Block 5 - Interdisciplinary Team meeting/Planning 
    Block 6 - Honors English 6 with Ms. Bala and Ms. Belogay
    Block 7 - Honors English 6 with Ms. Biagi
    Block 8  Honors English 6 with Ms. Bala
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