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    Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science !

         I am excited to start my third year at River Bend. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Middle Level Math and Science. Before teaching I spent 6 years in the Army Reserves and did a lot of traveling. 

         I am delighted to have your child in my class this year.  I have high expectations for your child, and I will do all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.  I am looking forward to engaging with you and your student this school year to achieve success in 7th grade.

         It is very important to me that my classroom is a friendly, safe place where everyone feels free to learn and grow.  I expect students to be kind to one another and to help maintain a positive learning climate.  It is critical that all students understand and follow all safety guidelines, as we will be participating in hands-on activities and laboratories explorations throughout the year.  Your child has been given a safety guidelines handout during class today.  It is important you read and discuss these rules again with your child.  Please sign the safety guidelines (on yellow paper) and return it, as well as sign the slip at the bottom of this page by the next class. 


     My classroom expectations for students are:


    1.     Take responsibility for what you say and do.

    2.     Respect Others, Self, and Environment

    3.     Follow directions

    4.     Work to the best of your ability

    5.     Ask for help when needed




     Your child will need the following supplies:

    His/her agenda (provided by the school)

    Three-ring binder (one or two inch works best)

    Spiral one subject notebook

    Loose-leaf notebook paper

    Sharpened pencils with erasers

    Colored pens and highlighters

    Glue Sticks 



                Homework is a means for students to practice concepts and skills they have learned in class.  Homework assignments will be recorded in the agenda each block.  It is advisable for parents to check students’ agendas daily in order to help their child stay organized.  Homework should be completed on the day it is assigned, and ready to be checked at the beginning of class.  The textbooks are quite outdated, and although they are a great classroom resource I do not find it necessary to issue student textbooks.  However, if you wish to have a textbook at home I have no problem issuing one to your student.  Please contact Mrs. Procopio at beth.procopio@lcps.org if you wish to keep a textbook at home. 



                It is very important to maintain open lines of communication between school and home.  I will send out weekly reminders and updates via email.   Parents who would like to be included in any email reminders sent to the whole class should email me to let me know.  I will then include only those email addresses in the class email list.  Please feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or concern.  The best way to reach me is to send an email at beth.procopio@lcps.org. I am looking forward to working with you this year.  I hope to meet many parents at Back-to-School night on September 9th at 6PM.  Together we can make this an awesome 7th grade experience!


     Units of Study:

    1st Nine Weeks:  Lab Safety, Metric Measurement, Scientific Method, Characteristics of

                                    Living Things and Cells: Theory, History, Structure and Function

    2nd Nine Weeks:  Cell Processes, Genetics, and DNA

    3rd Nine Weeks:  Evolution, Classification, Domains, and Kingdoms

    4th Nine Weeks:  Animal and Plant Kingdom, Ecology, Ecosystems, and Biomes




    Your grade is made up of the following components:

    Summative Assessments:  80%                                  Classwork and Labs: 20%