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    Riverside Rams! Erica Gravely
    World Languages and Cultures

         Salvete, omnes! My name is Erica Gravely and I will teach Latin 3, 5 Honors, and AP at Riverside this year in room L208. I will only be on campus on A days. I attended UVA and earned a BA in Classics, as well as an MAT in Latin Education.  The best way to contact me is by email (erica.gravely@lcps.org). If you would like to talk by phone or in person at a conference, please schedule this with me in advance through email. I'm looking forward to a great year.

    I will be available for extra help by appointment. Please contact me by email if you would like to schedule a time for review.
     Supplies for 2019-2020:
    My primary goal for students' supplies is that they have a system that works for keeping them organized. 
    1)  Two subject notebook OR a binder (whichever keeps you organized)
    *** If you choose a notebook, you may want glue for gluing in handouts or a separate folder for handouts.
    *** If you choose a binder, make sure you have blank paper.
    2) Pens/pencils
    3) Highlighter/pen of a different color 
    Extra Supplies for Latin 5/AP:
    * 3 highlighters of different colors (I will be using blue, green, and orange, but you can use any three colors you want).

    My 2019-2020 Schedule:

     1st  Latin 5/AP  5th  Not at Riverside
     2nd  Latin 3  6th  Not at Riverside
     3rd  Planning  7th  Not at Riverside
     4th  Latin 3  8th  Not at Riverside
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    All my class information can be found in StudentVUE/ParentVUE. Click the Phoenix link below.
    Phoenix Gradebook
    Department Grading Policy Department Reassessment policy

    Grading Breakdown

    Summative grades will be 90% of the overall grade.

    Formative assessments will be 10% of the over grade.


    Late Work Policy for Non-Test/Quiz Assessments

     Scores on late assignments are graded up to the maximum percentages listed.

    100% - Turned in on time.

    90% - Turned in one school day late from posted due date.

    80% - Turned in between two and ten school days late from posted due date.

    *Late work beyond the ten school day period will be accepted for a grade based on teacher discretion.

    Homework Policy
    Homework must be completed on time to receive full credit. Late homework can be turned in until the end of the quarter for half credit. 
    Retake Policy 

    Any retakes occur after reteaching or assigned review work. Students may retake most grammar and vocabulary assessments for up to an 84, but no more than one retake is permitted for an assessment. The highest score will be taken. All homework prior to that assessment must be completed and the retake must be scheduled within two weeks of the return of the assessment grades. Retakes may not be in the same format as the original assessment, for example a vocab quiz retake might go from English to Latin instead of Latin to English. Retakes are not offered on skills based assessments, like translation and reading comprehension, or benchmark exams, projects, and presentations.

    Extra Curricular Positions
    National Latin Honor Society sponsor
    (For Latin Club, please contact Rachel Caudill)