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    Riverside Rams! Mike Hathaway
    Learning Specialist

    Hello.  My name is Mike Hathaway and I am a Learning Specialist at Riverside High.  I have been teaching math and science in Loudoun County for the past thirteen years.  My Bachelor of Science degree is in aeronautical engineering from the University of Maryland and my graduate studies at UCLA and the University of Florida included advanced calculus, atomic physics, astrophysics, and astrodynamics and rocket navigation.  In addition, I completed graduate courses at George Mason University and Shenandoah University including principles of special education, educational applications for students with autism, and applied behavioral analysis.  Before teaching I was a Senior Systems Engineer on the Saturn/Apollo program for manned lunar exploration working at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL and was later appointed Staff Director for the U.S. Senate Energy Committee.  Go RAMS.


    My 2019-20 Schedule:


     1st  Study Hall  5th  Earth Science
     2nd  Environmental Science  6th  Planning
     3rd  Planning/CLT  7th  Earth Science
     4th  Earth Science  8th  Earth Science
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