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    Riverside Rams! Karen Swanchara

    Dr. Karen Swanchara is starting her seventh year teaching in Loudoun County Public Schools and was a founding teacher at Riverside High School.  Dr Swanchara received a PhD in Reproductive Physiology from North Carolina State University with an emphasis in Biotechnology, an M.S. in Animal Physiology from  Clemson University and a B.S. from Virginia Tech in Animal Science. She is an affiliate faculty member at Georgy Mason University and and adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College.   She is a native of Fairfax, VA and has lived in North Carolina, South Carolina and Sweden.  She has lived in Loudoun County for 14 years and has a daughter attending Pratt University in Brooklyn, NY and a son that attends Riverside HIgh School

    This year, Dr. Swanchara will be teaching Independent Science Research and AP/DE Biology classes at Riverside High School and is the Science National Honor Society Sponsor and on the Capstone Committee
    Office Hours For Dr Swanchara in room 1510: 8:15 am Mondays - Wednesday and afterschool till 4:30 pm (Mon-Thurs)
                                                                      *** and via email to set up a time  
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    2018-2019 Schedule:

     1st Duty, L600 Hall Way  5th DE/AP BIOLOGY
     4th PLANNING
     8th DE/AP BIOLOGY
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