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    Riverside Rams! Rebekah McClintock
    I am Rebekah McClintock.  I am excited to be working at Riverside High School for my 5 year and my thirteenth as a teacher.  I have lived in Loudoun County for over 20 years and went to middle and high school here; it makes me happy to have a chance to give back to the community.  I want to help all students to get comfortable with math and their own abilities.  I hope to have a great year as I work with  the amazing kids and staff at Riverside in order to build a community within our school.  I cannot help smiling at the students in the halls especially since the environment has such a great energy to it.
    I am teaching Geometry and Advanced Algebra/Precalculus this year.  Feel free to contact me as much as needed.  I look forward to hearing from parents and I am excited to start our third year here at RVHS.
    This year I will be using OneNote as the main way to get information, documents, and homework out to students.  I will be using Phoenix for communications like notifications, reminders, etc.  Please use your student email during communication (studentID@lcps.org).

    Student Support:

    I am here most mornings at 8:30, students are welcome without appointments; and can stay after school by appointment.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    My 2019-2020 Schedule:



     Hall Duty L200/L300


    PreCalculus (1208)


    Geometry (1208)


    Geometry (1208)


    Geometry (1208)


    PreCalculus (1211)


    Department Planning


    Teacher Planning  

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    Extra Curricular Positions
      The Skating Club Sponsor
      The Red Cross Club Sponsor
      PBIS Team Member