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    BIO:  I have been an English teacher for over 16 years.  Twelve of those years have been in Loudoun County.  I am entering my fourth year at Riverside High School.  What I enjoy most about the teaching profession is working with young adults to become better writers and critical readers of literature.  Literature and life produce more questions than answers, and exploring fundamental and universal themes raised within a text is an incredible journey!  I am proud to be a Riverside Ram and serve our community.  I will be serving as Riverside's Lead Mentor/Coach for the new/all teachers this school year, assisting in developing strong teaching techniques and best practices in instruction building-wide.  This year, I will be teaching 10th grade honors classes (British Literature) and 9th grade honors classes.   

    Please visit the Phoenix class page to access the course syllabus, daily itineraries, lessons, assignments, and rubrics. 

    My 2018-2019 Schedule:

     1st - Planning Room 1604  5th - English 10H Room 1604
     2nd - English 10H Room 1604  6th - English 10H Room 1604
     3rd - Planning Room 1604  7th - Planning Room 1604
     4th - English 9H Room 1604  8th - English 9H Room 1604
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     LCPS Lead Mentor/Coach for Riverside High School