Who We Are

    Loudoun County High School's Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a vibrant, positive group of students who identify with every color in the LGBTQIA+ rainbow and beyond. Our GSA club meets officially twice per month and often (unofficially) more than that! 

    Traditionally, the club fosters a laid-back atmosphere that is more of a "hang-out session" than a series of activities; we spend time relaxing and playing games (Among Us, anyone?). Our goal is to establish a time and place that is comfortable, safe, and available for all students to express themselves fully.

    Our 2023-2024 Faculty Sponsor is: 

    Interested in connecting with us? Reach out! (This form is private and will only go to the faculty listed on this page.)


    Our club is supported by and affiliated with area organizations who also work for equality, inclusion and representation.