• Eagle Ridge Middle School Wireless Devices (BYOT) Guidelines- DRAFT

    ·         Students may bring Internet-ready devices to school for learning.  Examples include laptops, netbooks, tablets, cell phones, iPod touches, and e-readers.  Students should not bring devices that are only MP3 players, or  gaming devices to classrooms.

    ·         Personal technology devices will be used exclusively for educational activities, and may only be used during the instructional class period with express permission and direct instruction from the classroom teacher. 

    ·         Students are responsible for securing their own devices when not in use. Teachers will not store or hold devices.  In the event that a device is lost, stolen, or damaged, ERMS will not be responsible for any financial or data loss.

    ·         Devices and earbuds may only be used in classrooms, the library, and the auditorium during Resource (Green zones). They are not allowed in House locker areas, hallways, bathrooms, or PE locker rooms (Red Zones).  Use in the cafeteria will be limited by wireless capacity. (Yellow Zone)

    ·         Appropriate forms must be completed and signed before a student may use a device for learning at school. Students will log in their devices to our network using their Student ID number and computer password that have already been established this school year. 

    ·         The Technology team or teachers will not support, repair, or troubleshoot student devices.  Students should have a good working knowledge of how to use their device.

    ·         Devices should be fully charged when students arrive at school.  Eagle Ridge will not be able to consistently provide an opportunity, or provide the power, to charge devices. A teacher may occasionally make an exception if charging does not interfere with instruction.

    ·         Internet content filtering will be in effect when students connect to the LCPS Wi-Fi network.  Use of 3G and 4G access outside of the Eagle Ridge wireless network is discouraged. 

    ·         Users exercising their privilege to use the Internet as an educational resource shall accept the responsibility for all material they seek, and are prohibited from accessing portions of the Internet that are inconsistent with the educational mission of Eagle Ridge and LCPS. 

    ·         Real time messaging and online chat may only be used with the permission of the teacher or program manager, and ERMS is not financially responsible for students who exceed their data plans.

    ·         Personal technology devices may not be used to record, transmit, or post photos or video unless it is expressly permitted and approved by the teacher.  Any postings are subject to ongoing review by ERMS staff, and should reflect the mission and character of the school. 

    ·         While using district or personal technology resources on or near school property, in school vehicles, or at school sponsored events, as well as using the district’s technology resources via remote access, each student must act in a manner consistent with school, district, and legal guidelines.  A student may have network privileges revoked, have his/her device confiscated, or receive other disciplinary action if his/her use is causing disruption to the instructional environment.  If a device is confiscated, it will be stored in the school safe and only be returned to a parent/guardian.