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Riverside High School is happy to announce that it is offering before and after school test-prep sessions in advance of the 2017 English SOLs. This program is an opportunity for your student to review and strengthen his/her skills while simultaneously reinforcing the material currently covered in the core English classes.
Although the sessions will not focus on homework, it will give your child exposure to, and tips on, passing the end-of-course exams. A certified teacher will facilitate the activities with each day focusing on either the multiple choice or short essay portions of the exam. For your planning purposes, the Writing SOL will be held from March 6-9 and the Reading SOL will be in May.


If you are interested, please follow the online link to register your student:



You will be asked to select the days of the week and the hours that your child will attend. Please be as accurate as possible so that we can meet student demand. Snacks and drinks will be provided; however, transportation is only available on Wednesday afternoons via the activity bus.

      For more information, please contact Mrs. Kristan at  or Ms. Dwyer-Allen at
2016-2017 Riverside English Teachers

  • Ms. A. Astorga - Dual Enrollment & 9 Honors
  • Mr. J. Augustowski - 9 Honors & 10 Academic
  • Ms. J. Bergel - 9 Academic, 12 Academic, & AP Literature
  • Mr. J. Bryant - 9 Honors & 10 Honors/Academic
  • Mr. P. Campbell - 9 Honors & Academic
  • Ms. S. Cook - 11 Honors & AP Language 
  • Ms. Cadang-Kristan - 11 Honors & AP Literature
  • Ms. Dwyer - 11 Academic & AP Language
  • Mr. Jones - 10 Honors & Academic, Public Speaking/Creative Writing
  • Ms. Smiley - 9 Honors & Academic, 10 Honors
  • Mr. Wojick - 10 Honors & Academic, Journalism, Yearbook

Need HELP? See the attachments for teacher availability: