LUNCH: Students may visit the library after they finish lunch by asking for a pass from the dean in the cafeteria. Students then come to the library, sign in at the front desk, and remain in the library for the remainder of their lunch period.

    RESOURCE: Students may request a pass from their resource teacher to visit the library to check out a book, complete homework and research assignments.

    LANGUAGE ARTS: Students are scheduled to visit the library every two weeks with their language arts teacher in 6th and 7th grade and through resource for the 8th grade.

    BEFORE SCHOOL: Students must check in with the dean at their morning gathering area to request a pass to visit the library.

    AFTER SCHOOL: The library is open Wednesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:10 (pending activity bus schedule). A signed note from a parent or guardian is required to work in the library after school. Students will not be permitted to call home to request permission to stay after school.

Last Modified on August 26, 2014