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    Download Naviance's Family Connection App
     Naviance will send you an email with a code you can use to link your account with the downloaded app from iTunes. 
    • Step #1A – Submit to your counselor your "Senior Worksheet" Self-Assessment form No later than September 26
    • Step #2A – Are you applying with the Common Application?  If so please watch the video on how to sync your common application with Family Connection.
    • Step #2B – If you are not using the Common Application, go into Family Connection and add “Colleges I’m Applying to”
    • Step #3 – Bring the "Transcript Release Form"  to the Office of School Counseling  $3/transcript, allow for 10 business days (see posted deadlines below)
    • Step #4 - Send official copy of standardized test scores  AP, SAT, and SAT II scores –www.collegeboard.org, ACT scores – www.actstudent.org
    • Step #5 – Does the university require a teacher letter of recommendation?  If yes, follow steps below; if No, nothing is required
      • Have a discussion with the teachers you would like to write a letter for you.  Once you have spoken to them and they have agreed to write a letter, proceed with the following:
      • Log-in to Family Connection and request teacher letter of recommendations electronically.
      • In the notes box include the following: 1) Deadline to upload the letter, 2) Which college you need the letter for (or do you need it for all?), 3) Do you need the "Common App Teacher Evaluation Form" completed in addition to the letter?
      • Other information you may want to provide for the teacher:
      • I asked you to write this letter because __________________.  I feel you could accurately portray my strengths (academic achievement, commitment to your class, participation, growth potential, etc.) in the classroom. I enjoyed __________________about your class.  I found __________________ difficult but overcame it by __________________.  Lastly, I would like to add __________________.  Thank you again for your support.
      • Teachers will fill out and submit an electronic letter of recommendation that will be sent with your transcript, school profile, secondary school report and counselor recommendation letter.
      • Remember, only include if the university asks for one.  Do not think that adding something extra will help, what it shows the university instead is that you are not capable of following directions.
    • Optional - Activities List/Resume  Created in Family Connection 


     College Application Deadline

     Materials due to Counselor and/or Teacher

    Sept. 26      


    Nov. 1 

    Oct. 17

    Nov. 15

    Oct. 31

    Dec. 1

    Nov. 17

    Dec. 15

    Dec. 1

    Jan. 1

    Dec. 8

    Jan. 15

    Jan. 5

    Feb. 15

    Jan. 23

    Mar. 1 and beyond

    Feb. 17


    Need help with the Common Application?  Download helpful tips here.