• What is Drama? Perform  

    Welcome to Drama Club!  Club meetings will be primarily held on Mondays from 3:30-4:30pm in the Aux Gym, Cafeteria or on the Stage, it just depends on the day.  Please listen to announcements on a club meeting day so we can meet in the correct place or you can look at the Drama Club Calendar (another tab on this page) so you can see where we are planning to meet.  Be flexible since we are a large group and may need to move to another space. Drama Club 2019-2020 will begin in January 2020.  

    During club, students explore acting, singing and dancing in a non-competitive way. We practice for the school musical and community theatre auditions. Drama Club members are encouraged to make bold choices on stage using respect for the space and for others. Members will be encouraged to perform for their peers and are also invited to perform during annual Eagle Excellence Night/Fine Arts Night (usually held in March) and at the end of the school year, in June for the Drama Club Showcase!    


    Each year our club elects club officers.  Our club officers will have opportunities to lead whole group and small group activities. All club members will receive a club T-shirt and appear in a group photo in the Yearbook (photo taken in Jan). We also post videos and pictures on-line of our club members so that they may practice choreography or vocal pieces at home.  In the past, club members have attended local professional performances or heard from a theatre professional at a discounted ticket rate.  


    This is an amazing club that supports Performing Arts at Eagle Ridge and in the Community!  It is wonderful opportunity for students to take a risk in a safe environment!   

    Beverly Pruzina is advising this group. Pruzina has more than 25 years teaching and directing Theatre Arts students. Please note:  a student may still audition for the school Musicals/Plays, even if he or she isn't a member of the ERMS Drama Club. Email:  beverly.pruzina@lcps.org for more details.  We LOVE parent volunteers!  If parents want to volunteer during club meetings to supervise students, please feel free to contact Mrs. Pruzina. 


    To find out more about our school Musicals, please click on the Musical tab.