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    Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) 
     What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a way to highlight behaviorial in our school - both academically and socially.  As a school, we believe in the motto "What you do matters!"  Individual actions influence not only our own lives but also the lives of thoses with who we interact.  PBIS ensures that all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional behavioral practices and interventions possible. The PBIS Team at Blue Ridge Middle School leads the implementation of PBIS through a program of school-wide positive behavior expectations and recognition opportunities for students and staff. 

    PBIS is here . . .

    -          to model students positive and appropriate behavior;

    -          to establish school-wide expectations and routines that everyone can follow;

    -          to create a positive climate for success for all students in our school.

    Why are we a PBIS School? 

    BRMS staff wants to model correct student behavior in the classrooms, auditorium, halls, cafeteria, and all other areas in the building.  The staff wants to create a positive climate for success throughout our school. 

    How will we use PBIS at our school? 

    Posters around the building will remind everyone of expectations outlined in BARK.  (Be Respectful, Act Responsibly, Remember Safety & Know Staff Support You!)

    Staff will model and review routines and expectations for behavior.

    -          In the classrooms

    -          In the halls

    -          In the auditorium

    -          In the cafeteria

    -          In the restrooms

    -          In all common areas of the school (such as the library, locker areas, bus, offices)

    What Does PBIS Emphasize? 

    In general, PBIS emphasizes four integrated elements:

    -          Data for decision-making,

    -          Measurable outcomes supported and evaluated by data,

    -          Practices with evidence that these outcomes are achievable, and

    -          Systems that efficiently and effectively support implementation of these practices.


    What outcomes are associated with implementation of PBIS?

    Schools that establish systems with the capacity to implement PBIS with integrity and durability have teaching and learning environments that are:

    -          More engaging, responsive, preventive, and productive

    -          Address classroom management and disciplinary issues

    -          Improve supports for students and

    -          Most importantly, maximize academic engagement and achievement for all students.

    Please click here to see more information on the LCPS website.