Welcome to Team Grizzly!

    Core Teachers
    Mrs. Betz - Civics
    Ms. Lufkin- English                 
    Mrs. Hamden - Math
    Mr. Stewart - Science
    Mrs. Hanna - ELL 
    Ms. Choi - ELL

    Office Hours for Grizzly Teachers: 1st Block -  A Days

    Homework & Makeup Policy

    We will assign homework for the purpose of reinforcing the concepts from the day’s lesson. 

    You will find details about homework and projects in three places:

    1. Classroom board

    2. Your child’s agenda

    3. Each teacher’s Farmwell website or Google Classroom

    Due Dates

    Homework is due the class session after it is assigned unless stated otherwise by the teacher.  Long-term projects will be assigned a due date and are expected to be turned in on time.  Late projects receive a reduced credit value for each class period they extend beyond the due date.  


    If a student is absent from class, it is his or her responsibility to obtain the work missed and to ask questions if clarification is needed.  We expect students to do this on the first day they return to school and to check teacher websites online beforehand.  One class day will be given for each day missed.  Students on extended trips should check their teachers’ websites for details about notes, tests, and projects.


    Retakes are available according to school and department policies.

    The highest grade a student may earn on a retake is 70%.

Last Modified on August 16, 2018