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    Mr. Masiya       jona.masiya@lcps.org
    Mr. Ludwig       matthew.ludwig@lcps.org

    Indoor Soccer Tournament - Oct. 29 - Dec. 17, 2019


    The Simpson Middle School Indoor Soccer Tournament is a school based, all grade, and combined gender; indoor soccer competition.  This round robin tournament will provide each team with 8 qualifying 10 minute games.  First match starting at 3:50 each Tuesday.  Please come and cheer on your team.  Everyone must enter the school in the front and sign in at the Front Office. 

    The tournament will culminate with 2 Semi Final matches followed by a Championship Match.  Play Off matches will be played by the four teams with the best record of points.

    Game winners will receive 3 points and ties 1 point. “Goals scored for” minus “Goals scored against” will be used as the first tie breaker. 

    The Tournament will be held every Tuesday at 3:50 PM starting October 29, 2019 until December 17, 2019.  The Tournament will be limited to 8 teams with a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10.  These indoor games will be played 5 vs. 5 with goalkeepers.  Players are encouraged to wear shin guards but they are not required. 

    Players must remain in the gym until 4:43 each Tuesday unless picked up from the gym by their parent or guardian.  You will not be able to page students from the office for dismissal due to the activity in the gym and the excitement it generates.    

    While team selection for the Tournament is first come - first served.  Please be aware this is a competitive tournament.  Soccer teams are organized and administered by the students.  The organizers of the Tournament are not involved in the selection of team members or Team Captains or any input on play time.  If players are dropped from their original roster, upon their request only, they can be replaced until end of day Friday December 13th 2019 at 3:43 PM.  The replacement player may not have played on another team in the Tournament.  Example: A team with 9 rostered starting players can replace an injured player but may not add a 10th player to the roster at any time.