• Welcome to RRHS Mu Alpha Theta

    Your Math Honor Society!



    Your sponsors for the 2019-2020 School Year:


    Mrs. Kelly - room 1409


    Mrs. Berger - room 1204



    Your officers for the 2019-2020 School Year:


    Miss Elizabeth E.


    Miss Chinmayi K.


    Miss Rachita P.



    Meeting Dates for 2019-2020 (8:30 AM in room 1505)


    October 9                   November 6                 December 11


    January 22                 February 26                 March 18


    April 15                      April 29



    Opportunities to earn more service minutes (at least 10 hours required per semester, minimum 8 tutoring hours)



    1.  Pi Day Sign-up (Monday, March 16)  these are non-tutoring service minutes



    2.  2020 Census Promotion (last two weeks of March):  earn 30 TUTORING service minutes for a 5-10 minute presenation to your math classmates about the importance and impact of the 2020 Census!  See Mrs. Berger in room 1204 to sign up.



    3.  Desmos 2020 Art Contest (submission deadline April 10, 2020):  earn service minutes for artwork that includes 50 equations or more.  Here are the rules and deadlines:  https://blog.desmos.com/articles/art-contest-launch/  See Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Berger with any questions.



    4.  Mu Alpha Theta T-shirt design for next year:  earn 30 non-tutoring service minutes for submitting a t-shirt design via Custom Ink's website.  An additional 30 service minutes will be earned by the member with the winning design.  See Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Berger with any questions.



    5.  Math Lab (every Wednesday after school)



    Stone Hill Tutoring

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