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    Much more than the old "A, S, D, F, J, K, L, ;," students learn how to keyboard without looking at their fingers using the QWERTY touch method in this one semester course. New skills are strengthened and speed is increased throughout the semester.
    Students will be exposed to the MS Office suite in class (Publisher, Word, Power Point, and Excel) on various business centered projects: business cards, Internet Ethics, Web Advertisements, Resume, and Career Research, among others.
    Topics such as Digital Citizenship, online behavior, business ethics and "Scratch" coding are also explored. 
    Mr. Stephenson runs the class like a business with authentic problems in the project descriptions where students assume various roles in business and they must craft their projects accordingly. These real-world problems, projects and discussions enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills to be 21st century learners--for a lifetime!!!
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     Mr. Stephenson
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