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    • Personalized Learning


      Teachers use personalized learning strategies as a way to improve the learning experience and academic results for all Farmwell students.  You may have noticed your child is using more technology in their homework as teachers incorporate blended learning strategies to improve our academic program.  Teachers are combining high-quality online education programming with great classroom teaching.  This combination will benefit our students in several important ways:
      Personalized Learning – Students learn more and faster when the material is at the right level of difficulty and pace for him or her.  Blended learning customizes each student’s education by (1) providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about the student’s learning needs and (2) freeing up more time for teachers to teach students individually and in small groups.  
      Blended Learning - Blended learning leverages technology to create a learning environment where students have daily opportunities for individualized learning and teachers have the opportunities, resources and time to differentiate small group instruction in a classroom.
      Engaging Instruction – Blended learning makes learning more interesting for students.  Students will still learn from teachers, but they will spend just as much time learning from engaging online programs and from each other in collaborative group projects.
      Student Ownership – Blended learning gives students more opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether on a computer program or in a small collaborative group.  When students feel “ownership” over their education, they are more engaged and their academic results improve.
      Check out Farmwell Personalized Learning Youtube Playlist for videos from our classrooms.
      BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) - Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to use for learning in the classroom.  We have a list of apps for students to download to their personal devices on our BYOT webpage.  Please help your student get these apps downloaded and installed.
      Digital Content - Your child may be using one or all of the following digital content providers in their learning.
      • No Red Ink -  online tool used for teaching grammar, usage, mechanics and style to students
      • NewsELA - adaptive reading program that provides content on individualized reading level
      • Discovery Education - science and social studies tech books which provide electronic articles, simulations, experiments and assessments.  
      • Dreambox - adaptive learning platform for math
      LCPS Go - LCPS Go is a single sign-on for students to access digital content and web apps with a single username and password.  Username = student ID number Password = network password.
      Earbuds - Students will need earbuds or headphones at school everyday.   
      Moving to a personalized learning program is a learning process for the entire Farnwell community and will require the support and patience of everyone involved.  During this process, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  With your involvement and support, we are confident that this will be a huge step forward for our school.