• We are a diverse group of motivated students who are mentored by premier industry leaders in the nonprofit advocacy sector, and who want to make a difference in our world.We aim to amplify the voice and power of the youth vote to create lasting and sustainable change and policy. Our sponsors are a large number of powerful non-profits, including:
    • The Bill of Rights Institute
    • The Americans for Informed Democracy
    • The United Nations Foundation
    • ONE Campaign  
    We are advocates, students, and agents of change constantly striving to improve our public speaking, leadership, and team management skills. We typically meet in Room 203 at BRHS after school on Mondays. For more information on this exciting club, please check out: https://prezi.com/l1kvbguujijd/latest-onevoice-info-sesh/   For more information on meetings and upcoming dates: 
    Please join The ONEVoice @ BRHS! by logging into the REMIND app on your phone with the class code: @bf5fd